Re: hardware synthesisers.

Hi, Shaun.
Remember that whatever is developed for gnome-speech for synth drivers needs
to be multiplatform.  Gnopernicus is currently working on Solaris, Linux,
and even FreeBSD and a driver should in most cases be extended to all of
I don't know about speech-dispatcher, but is it cross platform?

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> just on that,
> could speech-dispatcher not be used as an interface for gnopernicus and
> the various synthesisers? as opposed to writing a complete driver subset
> for gnopernicus itself?
> Mind you, that might be a major undertaking in itself.
> in any event, hardware synth support would be a great plus and like
> janina said we're in the minority but, why throw the things away if we
> can still get good use out of them anywhere we can within our computing
> lives.
> Another thing to consider is the fact that as stated earlier software
> speech is not always practicable.
> I can't say any more without covering old ground other than that if
> hardware synthesiser manufacturers insist on making people sign
> non-disclosure agreements just for the technical specs on their product,
> we'll see alot of them paint themselves into a corner.
> it is beyond me why companies do such things. oh well, that's my bitch
> for the day.
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