Re: Annoucing libbraille

[quoted lines by Bill Haneman on 2004/08/11 at 23:24 +0100]

>It sounds as if we were victims of miscommunication here.  It's true
>that I don't recall emailing you directly myself about this, but I
>thought that a number of people had done so (after talking to me).

Maybe they did, and that's why it was done. It may just be that no one told you
that it'd been done. I know, for sure, that I did do it at the request of
someone. Oh well ...

>On another front, I second the suggestion(s) already made about trying
>to coordinate braille driver APIs more closely.  I think perhaps we can
>collate some of the suggestions and issues that have been raised and
>have less duplication and more leverage in the future.

Yes, I, too, am in favour of having a standardized driver interface. The one
thing which must be borne in mind, though, is that there's an inherrent risk in
making too many changes to drivers which already work well because braille
displays, given their cost, aren't always available for retesting the work. I
do what I can within my circle of friends, and I'm by no means scared to change
code, but it'd sure be easier to have direct access to a few more pieces of

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