Re: Annoucing libbraille

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 22:19, Mario Lang wrote:
> > I checked the website and downloaded version 3.5 (tar.gz) and all I
> > saw were references to GPL, none to LGPL.
> We are currently at 3.6pre1, which is not yet released as a tarball I am
> afraid.  That wouldn't be too complicated to get done tough, if you think
> it would help to have a tarball with the license change available immediately.

This would help a lot.  It also would be better if the affected source
and header files referenced the LGPL and not the GPL, since the explicit
references to GPL in the 3.5 headers would in most people's view
supercede the README comments.

In any case, the file that refers to license issues should be the
COPYING file, not README, I am pretty sure.



> -- 
> CYa,
>   Mario

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