Re: Annoucing libbraille

[quoted lines by Bill Haneman on 2004/08/11 at 22:24 +0100]

>> We are currently at 3.6pre1, which is not yet released as a tarball I am
>> afraid.  That wouldn't be too complicated to get done tough, if you think
>> it would help to have a tarball with the license change available immediately.
>This would help a lot.  

Shall do. Give me a day or so. 

By the way: You said earlier that you were hoping to hear one day that the
client part of BRLTTY's API would be LGPLed. All you needed to do was to ask as
I don't read mins very well. :-) Is there anything else you're looking for?

>It also would be better if the affected source
>and header files referenced the LGPL and not the GPL, since the explicit
>references to GPL in the 3.5 headers would in most people's view
>supercede the README comments.

Already done.

>In any case, the file that refers to license issues should be the
>COPYING file, not README, I am pretty sure.

There's a COPYING file, and there's a COPYING-API file. Both are pure copies of
the licenses, the former being the GPL and the latter being the LGPL. Is that
good enough, or should both files contain a prepended paragraph written by

Regarding Windows support: I don't know if that's important to you or not, but
I did notice the topic being mentioned during the last couple of days. Our USB
support is already abstracted, so Windows support for it would be as easy as
writing the Windows-specific implementations of a few routines. Our serial
support is close to being abstracted, and could be fully abstracted, easily
enough, should that be necessary. I suspect that it'll get done anyway,
regardless of anyone's interest in Windows, as it's just a convenient way to do
it for whatever less than friendly Unix variants we encounter.

Please do let us know what you need?

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