Re: How to change Gnopernicus settings ?

Hi Adi and all,

First thanks Adi for your help.
This message to give you the news of the day.
First I want to say that I don't work on Solaris OS. My linux distribution
is the Debian Woody. 
As you told me Adi I gave the good rights for the serial port and now
braille works ok. But I encounter the same problem as I have with speech :
when I  press keys in order to go through the items on the screen
sometimes I obtain speech and braille feedback and sometimes nothing
happens.  Perhaps this problem  doesn't occur on another machine. actually
I test things on a laptop . Then I'm going to install all the things on a
desktop system in order to see if it will give a better result. I'll keep
you informed about the new results.



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On 17/09/02 at 15:10 Adi Dascal wrote:

>Hi Nath,
>First of all thank you for testing our application. We really apreciate
>help and interest.
>Regarding your problems, please look in the body of the mail.
>> Hello all,
>> It's me again with another question.
>> I don't succeed in changing speech or braille settings using the
>> Gnopernicus menu. Is it normal or do you think it's a problem in my
>> configuration ?
>Some of the GUI's features are not connected yet and for others we don't
>the functionality implemented, yet. 
>The following list shows GUI's option to configure gnopernicus.
>X- marks what works in the current stage
>Gnopi Options			Works
>=============			=====
>1.General Settings
>- Braille		 		X
>- Magnifier			X
>- Speech		 	X
>2.Speech settings
>3.Braille settings
>3.1 Braille Device
>    - Device			X
>    - Port
>3.2 Transaltion Table
>3.3 Cursor settings
>3.4 Attribute settings
>3.5 Braille fill char
>3.6 Status cells
>3.7 Position sensors		X
>3.8 Optical sensors		X
>4.Magnifier settings
>5.Keyboard settings
>- Mode				X
>- Delay Time			X
>- Key Categories			X
>6.User properties
>8.Load default settings
>- Load Default Braille		X
>- Load Default Speech		X
>- Load Default Magnifier		
>- Load Default Keyboard		X
>- Load Default General		X
>- Load Default All		X (without the magnifier settings)
>9.Minimize menu			X
>0.Exit				X
>Note : You can find this information in the README file of gnopernicus. (
>the source tree) togher with other status related description.
>You can also find information on
>but here the information must to be updated. (will do this soon).
>> I test with Festival and a Vario 40 braille terminal.  Festival rate for
>> example is very fast and for me (french) I don't understand what it
>> then i would like to slow down the rate . I indicate for example 5 for
>> rate but even when i restart al the things with a new "startx" Festival
>> speaks as fast as previously. A bug ? Or a problem with my config ?
>There is no problem with your config, setting the rate is just not
>Anyway festival should speak fast only on Solaris, on Linux you should
>to a voice with a reasonable rate. ( you would understand it easily). When

>"setting rate" feature will be supported in gnopernicus, the user will be 
>able to ajust the rate as he/she likes it.
>> And for the braille : I select things in the braille setting menu in
>> to have braille displayed on my Vario and even after a new "startx"
>> appened on the braille display. What am I missing ?
>The cause have to be that there are no rights to access the serial port.
>You will have to make yourself root and give rights for the serial port as

>follows :
>	su -
>	chmod 777 /dev/ttyS0 
>	/*
>	this is for the first serial port for Linux
>	*/
>	/*
>	 if you want to use the second give rights to ttyS1 for Linux*/
>	*/
>	if you are on a sun machine  /dev/cua/a for the first serial port, or
>	/dev/cua/b for the second serial port 
>	*/
>so gnopernicus can access the serial port.
>> Another thing : festival don't speaks systematically when I press a key
>> move between the differents items on a menu or the differents item in a
>> dialog box. A Gnopernicus bug or a bug in my config ?
>If you are on a Solaris OS ( as I supose) this is a problem that we know 
>about. (festival is not too fast and the speaking is made with a big
>This is a festival problem).
>> Thanks in advance for your ideas.
>Please let me know if something goes wrong.
>Thank _you_ again and best  regards,
>Adi Dascal
>BAUM Engineering, Romania

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