Re: How to read the contents of the screen with Gnopernicus ?

Hi Nath,

A good ideea is to run first make uninstall on old version (this because of 
development changes), then get the new version from cvs and install it.
If you have any kind of problem you could read README file (there are some 
known problems and methods to solve them).

Best regards,

On Wednesday 18 September 2002 12:17, you wrote:
> OK, thanks a lot Remus.
> Then I will check out the new gnopernicus release from cvs but just a
> little question :
> What is the best way to proceed to perform updates ? In the gnopernicus
> webpage I saw a command to update the sources from cvs but after that what
> to do exactly ? May I remove  the old gnopernicus before building and
> installing the new version or may I simply run ./ and install the
> new release over the old one ?
> Thanks for your advices.

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