Re: How to read the contents of the screen with Gnopernicus ?

OK, thanks a lot Remus.
Then I will check out the new gnopernicus release from cvs but just a
little question :
What is the best way to proceed to perform updates ? In the gnopernicus
webpage I saw a command to update the sources from cvs but after that what
to do exactly ? May I remove  the old gnopernicus before building and
installing the new version or may I simply run ./ and install the
new release over the old one ?
Thanks for your advices.


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On 17/09/02 at 14:12 remus draica wrote:

>Hi Nath,
>My commnets after DR.
>Best regards,
>On Tuesday 17 September 2002 13:43, you wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> All is in the object field.  Is it possible today with Gnopernicus to
>> the contents of the screen without interact with the apps cursor ? For
>> example how to read a dialog box content without moving the cursor
>> the differents buttons ?
>DR: In next version of gnopernicus in cvs user will be able to navigate 
>through objects hierarchy. This feature will be available using keypad
>(more details in README file from next cvs version).
>This version is intend to be on cvs today.
>> Another thing :  when a text file is displayed on the screen how to
>> to read it with the synthetizer  when moving into it with the cursor
>keys ?
>DR: this is not yet available, but will be soon.
>> Perhaps these things are not implemented in Gnopernicus today. can you
>> me ?
>> Thanks.

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