Re: How to change Gnopernicus settings ?

On Wednesday 18 September 2002 12:30, Nath wrote:

Hi Nath,

> Hi Adi and all,
> First thanks Adi for your help.
You're welcomed.

> This message to give you the news of the day.
> First I want to say that I don't work on Solaris OS. My linux distribution
> is the Debian Woody.
> As you told me Adi I gave the good rights for the serial port and now
> braille works ok. 

First of all, I am happy to hear that your braille device is now working for 
you with gnopernicus.

BTW, this problem, that you could not hear from gnopernicus why braille is 
not working for you, I filed in as a bug in bugzilla. (gnopernicus will speak 
the braille error/warning meassages in the future).

But I encounter the same problem as I have with speech :
> when I  press keys in order to go through the items on the screen
> sometimes I obtain speech and braille feedback and sometimes nothing
> happens.  Perhaps this problem  doesn't occur on another machine. actually
> I test things on a laptop . 
It would be extremly helpful for us if you could give us more details, or 
even file a bug in bugzilla for gnopernicus problems that you discover.
About details : we need to know the machine and operating system that you 
work on (now we already now ;-) ), what gnome2 stack you use ( more exactly 
we need to know when did you checkout from CVS at-spi, gnome-speech, 
gnome-mag and of course gnopernicus ;-) ) and what application(s) you used 
for testing. A short description of the scenarious you used is mandatory ( 
eg. when I am using gtk-demo application, in "Application main window", in 
the File menu, after "New" menu item was reported by gnopernicus, when I tab 
nothing is reported anymore. 
Note that what I described above should not happen, but a scenarious like 
this would help us).

About how to report a bug you can read more on :

The best part on this page, in my opinion, is "Description: What can you tell 
the developer about this bug?", so I am encouraging you to read that. 

Then I'm going to install all the things on a
> desktop system in order to see if it will give a better result. I'll keep
> you informed about the new results.
We are anxious to hear more about your results.
> Regards,

Thanks and best regards,

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