How to change Gnopernicus settings ?

Hello all,

It's me again with another question.
I don't succeed in changing speech or braille settings using the
Gnopernicus menu. Is it normal or do you think it's a problem in my
configuration ?
I test with Festival and a Vario 40 braille terminal.  Festival rate for
example is very fast and for me (french) I don't understand what it says)
then i would like to slow down the rate . I indicate for example 5 for the
rate but even when i restart al the things with a new "startx" Festival
speaks as fast as previously. A bug ? Or a problem with my config ?
And for the braille : I select things in the braille setting menu in order
to have braille displayed on my Vario and even after a new "startx" nothing
appened on the braille display. What am I missing ?
Another thing : festival don't speaks systematically when I press a key to
move between the differents items on a menu or the differents item in a
dialog box. A Gnopernicus bug or a bug in my config ?
Thanks in advance for your ideas.


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