Re: How to change Gnopernicus settings ?

On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 13:10, Adi Dascal wrote:

> The cause have to be that there are no rights to access the serial port.
> You will have to make yourself root and give rights for the serial port as 
> follows :

Would it be feasible to post a (talking) dialog with this information
from gnopernicus?  I believe that this sort of diagnostic information is
something we should give the user if gnopernicus can't access the port.


> If you are on a Solaris OS ( as I supose) this is a problem that we know 
> about. (festival is not too fast and the speaking is made with a big latency. 
> This is a festival problem).

Do we know anything more about this?  I don't recall our having noted
this as a Solaris/festival problem before; my recollection was that
though latencies were bigger than one would like, they were not so long
that a user would think speech was failing ....

Likewise, what is the nature of the speech rate issue?  I know of no
reason why festival's speech rate would be different on the two
platforms, and I hadn't encountered this before.

I would be a little surprised if these were problem that were usual on
Solaris, since festival has been available ("buildable") on Solaris for
years now... perhaps there is a workaround or something wrong with the
way we are building or configuring festival?

thanks and best regards,


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