Re: How to change Gnopernicus settings ?

Hi Nath,

First of all thank you for testing our application. We really apreciate your 
help and interest.
Regarding your problems, please look in the body of the mail.

> Hello all,
> It's me again with another question.
> I don't succeed in changing speech or braille settings using the
> Gnopernicus menu. Is it normal or do you think it's a problem in my
> configuration ?

Some of the GUI's features are not connected yet and for others we don't have 
the functionality implemented, yet. 
The following list shows GUI's option to configure gnopernicus.

X- marks what works in the current stage

Gnopi Options			Works
=============			=====
1.General Settings
- Braille		 		X
- Magnifier			X
- Speech		 	X

2.Speech settings

3.Braille settings
3.1 Braille Device
    - Device			X
    - Port
3.2 Transaltion Table
3.3 Cursor settings
3.4 Attribute settings
3.5 Braille fill char
3.6 Status cells
3.7 Position sensors		X
3.8 Optical sensors		X

4.Magnifier settings

5.Keyboard settings
- Mode				X
- Delay Time			X
- Key Categories			X

6.User properties


8.Load default settings
- Load Default Braille		X
- Load Default Speech		X
- Load Default Magnifier		
- Load Default Keyboard		X
- Load Default General		X
- Load Default All		X (without the magnifier settings)

9.Minimize menu			X

0.Exit				X
Note : You can find this information in the README file of gnopernicus. ( in 
the source tree) togher with other status related description.
You can also find information on

but here the information must to be updated. (will do this soon).

> I test with Festival and a Vario 40 braille terminal.  Festival rate for
> example is very fast and for me (french) I don't understand what it says)
> then i would like to slow down the rate . I indicate for example 5 for the
> rate but even when i restart al the things with a new "startx" Festival
> speaks as fast as previously. A bug ? Or a problem with my config ?

There is no problem with your config, setting the rate is just not supported 
Anyway festival should speak fast only on Solaris, on Linux you should listen 
to a voice with a reasonable rate. ( you would understand it easily). When 
"setting rate" feature will be supported in gnopernicus, the user will be 
able to ajust the rate as he/she likes it.

> And for the braille : I select things in the braille setting menu in order
> to have braille displayed on my Vario and even after a new "startx" nothing
> appened on the braille display. What am I missing ?

The cause have to be that there are no rights to access the serial port.
You will have to make yourself root and give rights for the serial port as 
follows :
	su -
	chmod 777 /dev/ttyS0 
	this is for the first serial port for Linux
	 if you want to use the second give rights to ttyS1 for Linux*/
	if you are on a sun machine  /dev/cua/a for the first serial port, or
	/dev/cua/b for the second serial port 
so gnopernicus can access the serial port.

> Another thing : festival don't speaks systematically when I press a key to
> move between the differents items on a menu or the differents item in a
> dialog box. A Gnopernicus bug or a bug in my config ?
If you are on a Solaris OS ( as I supose) this is a problem that we know 
about. (festival is not too fast and the speaking is made with a big latency. 
This is a festival problem).

> Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Please let me know if something goes wrong.

Thank _you_ again and best  regards,
Adi Dascal
BAUM Engineering, Romania

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