orbit-idl differences

in gnome 1, Bonobo.h has:

      void (*setWindowId) (PortableServer_Servant _servant,
			   const Bonobo_Control_windowId id,
			   CORBA_Environment * ev);

			- and -
    typedef CORBA_char *Bonobo_Control_windowId;

whilst gnome 2's Bonobo.h contains:

      void (*setWindowId) (PortableServer_Servant _servant,
			   const CORBA_char * id, CORBA_Environment * ev);

			- and -

     typedef CORBA_string Bonobo_Control_windowId;

this is tripping up a gcc warning when assigning setWindowId, as a const
Bonobo_Control_windowId is not the same as a const CORBA_char * (right?)

so, which is the right way?

(let me know if this is unclear)

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