[Glade-users] two easy-to-implement glade interface suggestions

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004 19:18:09 +0200, antongiulio <antongiulio email it> wrote:

I take advantage from this post, to make any suggestions (sorry for my 
bad english):

Why don't you use a singlewindow for whole glade like qt-designer?? Or use a 
single column like "dashboard" or gimp (2 columns) + user-edit-window
(included in a multi-notebook-tab)?? So, I think could be easy control many 
projects contemporary.

I use many times glade and multi windows is uncomfortable (IMHO)

    I've discussed improving the UI with David a little bit and I have to admit
that its not on the top of our priority list (as we have to get
glade-3 to "work" first).

But to answer your question I think that alot of gnome UI's have
inspired themselves
from the gimp, which works in a similar way. I guess the idea is that
if the user has
a few windows (property editor, widget pallet, main project window); he has the
ability to oranize his screen realistate in a way that is comfortable
to him. ofcourse
that doesn't mean that usability cant be improved.

One thing that might improve usability in glade3 is session management, this way
every time you open glade, you would find all your windows positioned and sized
the way you set them up the last time you used glade.

I'm not sure how far down the road we are for that feature but I know
its part of
the plan (it might not be workable in the first release).


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