[Glade-users] GtkTreeView - row select event?

Yes you can then test if there's a selection with 'get_selected'.
Another way exists by registering a select func.
here is an example of code (from gpdf):

static gboolean
gpdf_bookmarks_view_bookmark_select_func (GtkTreeSelection  *selection,
                      GtkTreeModel        *model,
                      GtkTreePath        *path,
                      gboolean         path_currently_selected,
                      gpointer         data)
    GPdfBookmarksView *bookmarks_view;
    GPdfBookmarksViewPrivate *priv;   
    GValue selection_item = {0,};
    GtkTreeIter iterator;
    OutlineItem *item;
    gboolean ret = FALSE;

    bookmarks_view = GPDF_BOOKMARKS_VIEW (data);
    g_return_val_if_fail (GPDF_IS_NON_NULL_BOOKMARKS_VIEW (bookmarks_view),

    do {
        priv = bookmarks_view->priv;

        gtk_tree_model_get_iter (GTK_TREE_MODEL (priv->model),

        /* handle only if is about to be selected */
        if (!gtk_tree_selection_get_selected (selection,
                              &iterator)) {
            gtk_tree_model_get_value (GTK_TREE_MODEL (priv->model),
            item = (OutlineItem *)g_value_peek_pointer ((const GValue*) 

            gpdf_bookmarks_view_emit_bookmark_selected (bookmarks_view,
                                    item->getAction ());
        ret = TRUE;
    while (0);

    return ret;

Note the 'if (!gtk_tree_selection_get_selected'. You may compare this 
use with another that
update sensitivity of some buttons and using the "changed" signal.

static void
gpdf_bookmarks_view_update_popup_actions (GPdfBookmarksView *bookmarks_view)
    GPdfBookmarksViewPrivate *priv;
    GtkTreeSelection *selection;
    GtkTreeModel *model;
    GtkTreeIter iter;
    G_List *selrows;
    GtkTreePath *path;
    GtkWidget *item;
    gboolean is_expandable = FALSE, is_expanded = FALSE;

    g_return_if_fail (GPDF_IS_NON_NULL_BOOKMARKS_VIEW (bookmarks_view));
    priv = bookmarks_view->priv;
    model = GTK_TREE_MODEL (priv->model);

    selection = gtk_tree_view_get_selection (GTK_TREE_VIEW 
    selrows = gtk_tree_selection_get_selected_rows (selection, &model);
    g_message ("gpdf_bookmarks_view_update_popup_actions: %d rows selected",
           g_list_length (selrows));

    if (g_list_length (selrows) == 1) {

        path = (GtkTreePath *)g_list_nth_data (selrows, 0);
        g_message ("gpdf_bookmarks_view_update_popup_actions: selected 
path = '%s'",
               gtk_tree_path_to_string (path));
        if (gtk_tree_model_get_iter (model, &iter, path)) {

            g_message ("gpdf_bookmarks_view_update_popup_actions: 
iterator = '%s'",
                   gtk_tree_model_get_string_from_iter(model, &iter));
            is_expandable = gtk_tree_model_iter_has_child(GTK_TREE_MODEL 
            is_expanded = gtk_tree_view_row_expanded (GTK_TREE_VIEW 

    item = gtk_item_factory_get_widget (priv->ifactory, 
    gtk_widget_set_sensitive (item, is_expandable && !is_expanded);
    item = gtk_item_factory_get_widget (priv->ifactory, 
    gtk_widget_set_sensitive (item, is_expandable && is_expanded);   

static void
gpdf_bookmarks_view_selection_changed_cb (GtkTreeSelection *selection, 
gpointer data)
    GPdfBookmarksView *bookmarks_view = GPDF_BOOKMARKS_VIEW (data);

    g_return_if_fail (GPDF_IS_NON_NULL_BOOKMARKS_VIEW (bookmarks_view));
    gpdf_bookmarks_view_update_popup_actions (bookmarks_view);

You can have full file access by checking out the 
gpdf/xpdf/gpdf-bookmarks-view.c from
gpdf-outlines branch in gnome CVS repository.
cvs co -r gpdf-outlines gpdf/xpdf/gpdf-bookmarks-view.c

Hope it will help

John Coppens wrote:

On Thu, 07 Aug 2003 22:26:54 +0200
R�mi Cohen-Scali <Remi Cohen-Scali com> wrote:


Get the GtkTreeSelection object on your treeview 
(gtk_tree_view_get_selection) then listen for
"changed" events

g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (selection), "changed", G_CALLBACK 
(selection_changed_cb), data)

Hello R�mi,

Thanks for the reply. I had noticed the 'changed event', but I read in the
GTK reference:

"Emitted whenever the selection has (possibly) changed. Please note that
this signal is mostly a hint. It may only be emitted once when a range of
rows are selected, and it may occasionally be emitted when nothing has

This didn't give me a very convincing impression... Is this wrong? Or is
is necessary to keep a copy of the selection and compare it each time an
event arrives?



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