[Glade-users] GtkTreeView - row select event?

Get the GtkTreeSelection object on your treeview 
(gtk_tree_view_get_selection) then listen for
"changed" events

g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (selection), "changed", G_CALLBACK 
(selection_changed_cb), data)

with callback signature

static void
selection_changed_cb (GtkTreeSelection *selection, gpointer data)

John Coppens wrote:

Hello people.

I'm getting my feet wet with the GtkTreeStore & friends, and was looking
for a way to get an event each time the user selects another item in the

The row-activate requires a double click, I'm not happy about that. Is
there a way to get events with just selecting? Like the row-selected event
in the old gtk 1.xx CList? Is it necessary to hang events to each iter?

Can someone give me a hint where to start looking?

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