[Glade-users] List Widgets..

Use gtk_list_store_set_column_types(), and other such functions for 
changing the list parameters and don't mess with interface.c.

Instead write a function that's called in main.c to set your tree/list 



P.S. I know this is confusing, the new gtk2.0 list/tree/text stuff is 
pretty darn convoluted.  It's slower than molasses in January too if 
you are using a big list or tree :(, requiring extensive coding around 
it.  Ohh well.

On 2003.08.08 05:09, =?iso-8859-1?Q? G=FCnther=20Mittermayer ?= wrote:
Hi all,

I 'm struggling right now trying to understand how to deal with List

Already read some of the API documentation, where these nice functions
are showed, but I don't understand where should I place my code...

being more specific, in interfaces.c, I saw that glade creates the
ListView with the gtk_list_store_new (), but it is called without
parameters, and therefore, my list is created, but empty.

The doubts:

*If I want a list with, say 3 columns, should I change the call of
gtk_list_store_new in interfaces.c?? I think glade will overwrite it
anyway, so It doen't make much sense to me... Where should I define
then my columns?

*How do I retrieve the view in order to attach it to the model?

*Is there any tutorial or running example on Tree / List widgets that
I could take a look???



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