[Glade-devel] Integrated ui patch

Yevgen Muntyan wrote:

vgeddes at metroweb.co.za wrote:

Yevgen Muntyan wrote:

While I'm on it, here is main thing why single window is not
good: http://munt.mine.nu:8080/files/glade-sucks.png - you can't expand
the properties window and widget tree; and note that the window is
maximized, so I can't click anything behind it.


Yevgen, most people who have commented on the new ui are excited by it,
and think it is a good step forward. Which group do we satisfy? the ~90%
who like the the new design or the ~10% who don't?

It's not a good design, it's monkying gazpacho. Anyway,
I just wanted to make sure that you know about those "10%".
If majority loves single window, then you of course go single
But I wonder, have someone actually tried to work with such
UI? I did, in gazpacho, and it sucked. You can't use glade
right now because of fancy bugs with click-does-nothing.
So people "commented" on how it looks, not on the actual

I think you are jumping the gun here Yevgen, this is not a story
about how one patch changed the face of glade forever and
"monkeyed gazpacho", please - that is a base comment.

We want to move forward and bring embedded toplevels and
(yes many many are in favour of..) the single window layout,
that doesnt mean this patch is final - one of the main purposes
of this release cycle is to get the new UI tested and get as much
comments from the user base as possible - hopefully - if some
people who do care and are watching (people like you) we can
get the feedback we need to make the descisions that need to
be made about the UI.

If we were to use gdl - then the palette and property editor
could at least be detachable from the workspace/main window,
it would on the other hand mean that windows builds of gdl
would have to be properly maintained by someone, are our docking
needs as complex as what gdl offers ? could we implement something
simpler inside glade proper to provide a docking mechanism ?
I dont know - who knows - maybe people dont want dockable windows ?

Maybe with a canvas/treeview implementation of the property
editor it will fit nicely in the space allocated to it in a single window ?
again, these things we cannot know untill we try them, people have
to use them - and send us thier feedback - all feedback is positive
because it helps us to decide what is better for the users.

I'd much rather hear about your ideas on how we can make glade
more usable for you, based on your particular needs - so that we
can cator to them - this is not and WILL NOT be an "attack vs defense"
discussion, I really hope were all on the same team here.


PS: as soon as I get around to syncing the branch I'll release 3.1.0 
for testing purposes as a call for opinions on how we can improve the 
new UI.

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