[Glade-devel] Glade-3 bug, or wrong understanding of what should happen ?


I am trying to understand why in glade-3, for a GtkButton, in the 
Properties window, the tooltip shows wrongly for the property 'stock 
button' : it shows the text "This only applies with stock type buttons". 
This seems to be coming from glade-gtk.c, line 2951. However, in 
gtk+.xml there is an apparent 'override' (?) :

 <glade-widget-class name="GtkButton" generic-name="button" title="Button">
    <property save="False" id="stock" name="Stock Button">
      <tooltip>The stock item for this button</tooltip>
So one would expect the tooltip to textually read "The stock item for 
this button". How come it doesn't read like it ? Because if one looks in 
glade-3 some properties further down, the property called "response-id" 
is correctly reflected in glade-3 (according to gtk+.xml's contents) :
    <property ignore="True" id="response-id" default="0" common="False" 
name="Response ID">
      <tooltip>The response ID of this button in a dialog (it's NOT 
useful if this button is not in a GtkDialog)</tooltip>

Is this a bug ? Or is this some combination of tags (and their values) 
that makes the gtk+.xml- file's text not to be considered ? If it is a 
bug, where is it eventually to be corrected (knowing it may eventually 
make me find new similar bugs) ? Where is this behaviour described ?

Kind regards,


P.S. I currently am working with version glade3-3.0.1

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