[Glade-devel] Any Debian packaging for Glade3?

Em Qui, 2006-06-22 ?s 14:01 -0400, Tristan Van Berkom escreveu:
Ok great,
    I looked at the glade-3-info.txt and everything seems to be
in the right place.

Great =)

I wonder if it is nescisary to require such bleeding edge
dependancies (see inline below), is it just because its going
in to the experimental branch ? (sorry... I am not schooled in
the debian way).

Dependencies are auto-generated by the build system, according to the
libraries installed in it. I could force them, but this is bound to

This is a glitch in Debian/Ubuntu dependency system - there's no way to
track API changes and usage, so required dependencies are increased
whenever a new API is added.

People on both teams are working on improving this, as this would make
compatibility among the distributions much saner to acomplish.

So, if you want to build packages for your ubuntu all you need to do is
this: grab the .dsc, .diff.gz and .tar.gz files, install
build-essential, devscripts, cdbs and run apt-get build-dep glade -- the
build-deps are very similar to glade2's.

And then run dpkg-source -x file.dsc, and inside the directory:
 debuild -us -uc

See you,

Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov at debian.org>
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