[Glade-devel] Any Debian packaging for Glade3?

Em Seg, 2006-06-19 ?s 21:48 -0300, Gustavo Noronha Silva escreveu:
package for the development stuff, as well. I'll probably work on this
packaging on wednesday only, I am afraid.

And I did!

I haven't had the time to test it deeply, but I have put packages here:


You'll find a glade-3-info.txt file which lists information about the
debs and their contents. Notice that there are two packages which may
seem alien: glade-2 and glade-gnome-2; Those are to upgrade people who
were using the old glade 2 packages (shipped with sarge); they'll have
to remain if glade3 would be released with Etch - who knows?

I'd like to have your comments, so I can upload the packages to
experimental soonish =).


Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov at debian.org>
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