[Glade-devel] Any Debian packaging for Glade3?

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:

Since there are going to be others programs linking against libgladeui
it will be also necessary to package gtk+ catalog separately

As I've just discussed with Juan on irc... I really dont see any
need for such an extra split.

     o There will never be any use for libgladeui-1.0.so without
       having libgladegtk.so
     o The Glade-3 application part itself is quite small and
       negligable as far as disk space/download cost goes... I think
       its worth the publicity to make glade-3 show up on every site
       that requires the libgladeui-1.0 api.

Splitting up the following pieces...
   - the glade-3 app
   - the libgladeui-1.0 core lib
   - libgladegtk base plugin (gtk+ widget catalog)

... will be a slight gain for those who wish to save a couple
of bytes transfer when upgrading "only the app" or "only the catalog"
so I ask... does anybody care about these few bytes ?


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