[Glade-devel] Set defaults

Hi all,
     In light of the new "Reset..." dialog feature
I just added (which lets you reset properties to thier
default values on an object/widget from the property editor)
I got some interesting output from the graphist here.

At touchtunes we've been using glade-3 extensively for about
six months for our interfaces which use a custom toolkit
including non-widget objects etc... just a side note that
glade-3 has been getting some thorough use, which is a great
plus since it allows me to track down bugs faster :)

As I was saying, the graphist here at touchtunes pointed
out that it would be nice to be able to be able to configure
the default properties of an object.

Right now we have two kinds of defaults:
     - Defaults that are introspected from the GParamSpec
       (only when the GParamSpec is actually found on the said object)
       when the property's value is equal to this value, it is
       ommited from the glade file.

     - Catalog defaults override the defaults from the GParamSpec;
       if the widget catalog specifies a default for a property, the
       object will be initialized to the said value when its added
       to the project.

I was thinking of adding yet another override which is configurable
by the user, for example; the user wants all of her GtkButtons to
have a border-width of "4", which adds consistancy throughout the
application & makes life easier when adding new buttons to the

This probably has to be context sensitive as well; do we want
a global defaults pool to be used for all our projects or do
we want to bind certain projects with certain "default pools" ?

Please send your comments, is it a good idea ?


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