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On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 5:52 PM Andrew Toskin <andrew tosk in> wrote:

Sorry for the delay. Turns out support for URL parameters (as opposed to
heavy JavaScript widgets) is a little asymmetrical among the different
social media platforms, but I'm figuring it out. I've got Google+ done, and
I'm looking into the Twitter API.

I notice the live site at doesn't yet have any social
media *icons*. Have we decided yet where we'd like to put those links? I
would imagine somewhere in the site footer. But there's also a dedicated
"Contacting Us" page, so it might also make sense to put it there, although
it would also make the social links less prominent. I could just give you
the code snippets and let you figure it out, or I could attach git patches
directly to Bugzilla this time.

I was also thinking in the footer.  At least as simple links to our
presence on those platforms (google+, twitter).  I can handle those types
of links without a problem (simple links).

While I'm at it, I can take a look at any other social media platforms
that we feel like supporting. Platforms where GIMP maintains a profile and
posts updates will need links for subscribing/following, while for other
platforms we might only have a "share this page" button at the bottom of
blog posts and tutorials. So which ones do we want to do?

What I'm thinking right now is two main approaches that will hopefully work

1. Links to our presence on other social platforms for people to
follow/etc.  I am fine (and would prefer) sending people off-site to our
profile on those other networks with static links to minimize invasive
tracking from them.

2. Easy sharing of content from the website on social networks.  Blog/news
posts should have the requisite "share this" links available for easy
sharing.  I'm not sure that it makes sense to put these types of links on
all the pages in the site.  News posts would be a good candidate for this,
and possibly high-value/traffic pages like "Downloads".


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