[Gimp-web] Check static.gimp.org

Hi all!

You may or may not realize this, but a neat GIMP anniversary is fast
approaching. On November 21, we will mark 20 years since Peter Mattis
announced a beta of the General Image Manipulation Program on a few
different mailing lists...


As such, I thought it might be fun to use it as a target date for possibly
releasing the website redesign. (http://static.gimp.org)

I have a few things to still work on, but can use other eyeballs on the
site to spot things I may be too close to. So, please, if you have a moment
look at the site and take a moment to note any issues that you may see.

Keep the discussion on-list to help everyone keep track of what you may

I am hoping to meet in #gimp-web to go over anything we find. Tentatively
thinking at some point on November 12. I am open for time thoughts (I am in
UTC-0600, US central). I am also usually idling there all the time anyway,
if you just randomly want to drop in.

Some other thoughts...

Very few tutorials will be transferred to the new site. We are no longer
going to host material that is not liberally licensed, so though I will
retain the URI for the existing tutorials, I will not be linking to them
from the main site unless they are explicitly licensed for free use
(cc-by-sa or better). If you're a tutorial author, please get in touch with
me if you want to fix this. (Yes, I still need to build the tutorial index

I am still working out the best way to link social + donation links without
tracking our users or compromising security.

Some attributions still need to be added to the front page for material
from David Revoy. I am also thinking of some small showcase pages, but this
is for later.


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