[Gimp-user] Quicker way to audition fonts?

I had a feeling that might be the case. Gimp (any version) does not
come with fonts.

This means that all the fonts that you might have added are now in the
Windows structure. Not exactly system fonts but consider them that.

Never a good idea. Sooner or later you get a broken font that stops
Gimp and and is not easy to remove in Windows.

If you want fonts that are only for Gimp, put them in the Gimp profile
fonts folder, that is why it is there.
Gimp 2.10 default theme is very dark grey. That is considered 'cool'
these days, even if it is virtually unreadable.

Change in Edit -> Preferences theme (and icon theme) as screenshot.
Well you do not have any in Gimp. PrintMyFont only 'sees' .ttf fonts
There might be some .otf fonts in there as well. I do not know, it is
your computer. Want something better? Nothing I know for free, you
might have to buy something.

Thanks Rich. That clears up a lot of confusion. I returned the theme to the
default - I like it.

One thing that's really nice about  PrintMyFont is that I can save it to a RTF
file. So I can always compare the GIMP font list to it and delete the fonts not
used by GIMP. The guillotine trick didn't seem to work well for me and it may be
too time consuming

In all you've given me some good tips - I appreciate it

GerryPeters (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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