[Gimp-user] "F" Free Select tool question

"For the Free Select tool, closing a polygonal/free selection now doesn’t
confirm the selection automatically. Instead you still can tweak positions
of nodes (where applicable), then press Enter, double-click inside the
selection, or switch to another tool to confirm the selection."

Is there any way to fix this? Some option that I can't find?

I use my drawing tablet with GIMP instead of Photoshop because GIMP 2.8 was
much more user friendly than Photoshop (less hoops to jump through to
actually get it to do what I wanted), but there's now added steps to select
things. Is there a way to get back the way it was before where it
*would* "confirm
the selection automatically" after you close the loop?

Thanks in advance for any help resolving this! :)

Yours truly,
Céline .S. Sauvé

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