[Gimp-user] Quicker way to audition fonts?

Stefan Trost program looks very good. I'd prefer to print only GIMP's
fonts. I see there's a check box for system fonts and fonts from font
files. Also there's "manage my fonts" where I can drag files, add
files or search a folder. So where are the GIMP fonts located? In more
than one spot? Or will printing the system fonts take care of it?


Really? Fonts specific to Gimp are in the Gimp profile. Location depends on
operating system.

I am sure you can sort this out yourself. Still do not know what OS you are

If I was using the little utility, PrintMyFont, I would copy the Gimp fonts to a
easy to locate temporary folder.

However for Windows 10 and Gimp 2.10 and the horrible Gimp profile

Use Windows file explorer, go to the Gimp fonts folder and copy the location:

Then starting PrintMyFont -> Open folder -> Search something like this, paste in
and open: https://i.imgur.com/bCSiE2K.jpg

That gives a listing and File -> Export As: https://i.imgur.com/zwsx87E.jpg

Which prints to a PDF (probably the only good thing MS has done in years) :

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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