[Gimp-user] At 100%, my selection hasn't the size it should have

I have another question regarding the ppi question. The image I have
has 72ppi*72ppi.
I would like to print it even if I am far from the 300dpi quality. 
Does it has a sense to take a resolution of 300dpi to do the
calculation you have done to determine the size in pixels of the image

In my case I'd like the image (once printed) to be 13,8189in lenght
and 7,9370079in width.
I want the image to have the best quality possible. Am I supposed to
use 300dpi for the calculation

Give us a clue on the ***actual size*** of the image in ***pixels*** (remember
Gimp works in pixels) and you will get some advice on fitting the image to the
size you specified.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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