[Gimp-user] At 100%, my selection hasn't the size it should have


I have an image and I'd like to define the dimension of a selected area. I fisrt
select the area that I want to resize. I then select the tool (Shift + T) and
resize the selection. I noticed that after resizing, when I visualize the image
with a 100% scale, the size of the image is not correct. I have not a little
difference of one or two millimiters that could be due to the screen or
whatever. But a big difference (30cm instead of 35cm in my case).
Is it a normal display problem ? I mean, if I print it, will the dimensions be
good ?

Second question :
with this method of resizing, I only resize the selection. But what I'd like to
do is to resize the hole image thanks to a reference within the image whose size
is known. For example. if there is a rule on the image, I'd like to resize the
whole image thanks to a size reference given by the rule.

I don't know if it is really clear. I don't speak english good enough to explain
myself correctly on such a subject.

Thank you in advance for your help !

qsdqsd (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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