[Gimp-user] At 100%, my selection hasn't the size it should have

First and most important. Gimp is a raster editor and works in pixels.
It can show cms as units for your convenience, but it still works in

When I use the scale tool, I can see the dimension in pixels of my selection. I
can also switch the unit and see measurement in mm. When printing this image,
will I get the mm annouced in Image --> scale image ? Which are the same seen
with the scale tool by the way. Because if I get what I have at the screen, it
will be much smaller.
Indeed, taking off the dot for dot, changes quite a lot the visual dimension.
And it is much closer but still different...
The screen resolution seems to be good though... I don't understand the
difference between the image properties and the measurement on the screen...

Second Question. Not sure what you want.

I am trying to resize an image according to an image detail (the rule in my
exemple) of which I know the size. When I select my detail reference, and set
the dimensions with the scale tool, what I get is the resizing of the selection.
The rest of the image is not resized at all. What I'd like to have is a
homgenous resizing of the whole image thanks to the detail reference. To say it
differently. I'd like to say to gimp : "resize the whole image knowing that this
little detail is 100mm long".

Thank you !

qsdqsd (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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