[Gimp-user] New User Need Help Enlarging/Enhancing Image

I'm not sure I'd go even that big. The original was twice that
resolution and had a lot less JPEG artifacting.

Actually... you might be going about this all wrong. If you really
to use this to produce a very large physical print, I would consider
embracing that the original image is smudgy by upsampling it (maybe to
7200x3600 if not 14400x7200 after cropping it to 2:1) and then
some of gimp's artistic filters to achieve a look that is more
"painting" than "photograph". This will make some of the lack of
quality in the original irrelevant. At least give it a try digitally;
you don't like the result, all you've lost is some time.

Also, make sure you save the result at least as a JPEG with 98% to
quality, if not PNG.
Matthew - and all of you really - I am blown away by all of your knowledge and
comprehension of this dilemma and possible solutions!  I SO WISH I could
understand the language and techniques better!  I might as well be staring at
the GIMP program in Japanese for as much as I am lost!  At the river sk of
sounding like a complete idiot can any of you recommend how I might go about
figuring out these ideas or where I might go for assistance in doing so?  Thank
you all again for sharing your expertise!  Coincidentally we heard a famous
graphic artist/photographer at church yesterday. Anyone ever hear of Jeremy
Cowart?  His story is amazing!

nickib (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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