Re: [Gimp-user] New User Need Help Enlarging/Enhancing Image

On 08/08/18 05:02, nickib wrote:
only the picture on my iPhone is
better than what I got on my camera

Sorry but no, or you have a very shitty camera.

- Halos on the edges  of the pillars and the bottom of the roofs of the  pagodas, likely some kind of sharpening.

- The roof slopes seem to be made of lace.

- Railings and antennas are blurry (motion blur? the pic was shot at 1/50s but the way people hold their phones this may not be fast enough).

* Plenty of noise on the white boat to the left

Can look good on a screen, but at 48"? All the problems will jump in your face. Making that look really good is a lot of work, maybe the photographer made a very honest offer, or quoted in way to make you go elsewhere.

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