[Gimp-user] Bug in "arrow" plugin, possible bug with tear-off menus

Hi  Mark,

I modified the script last night to correct the drawing of arrow heads
at the end of paths with more than two points. I also included the
suggestion about only using positive numbers.

I still have to tidy the changes a bit and I will do this later and
update the zip file then.

Hi Helmut

I had been wondering whether the scripts that I have written would
still work on V2.9/2.10, thanks for providing the patches. To make
life easier for me (I use Windows) is it possible that you could post
the complete version of the script as you have edited it (or provide a
link so that I can download it) - I can then use a file comparison
program to compare it with the original unedited version and
incorporate the differences into my newly modified version - this
should be easiest way of transferring the changes without introducing
errors (alternatively is there a simple unified diff inclusion program
for W7?). If the changes required for V2.9 mean that the script will
not work under V2.8 I will add conditional code so that it will
function under either version.

Hi Mark and Helmut,

I have made the following changes:

Corrected the drawing of arrow heads at the end of paths that have more than
2 points

Added extra controls to determine whether the wing length and brush thickness
are related to the path
length or in absolute pixels. This is instead of using negative numbers
for relative settings and
      positive numbers for absolute pixel values.

Added patches, supplied by Helmut, to allow the script to work in GIMP

   Removed previous edit comments and commented out code

The warning about paths with more than 2 points is now only given once
following an activation of GIMP
       or a refresh of the Script-Fu scripts

Swapped the up/down cursor key actions with the page up/down actions for the
LoW and BT value fields
        (the page keys now increment/decrement by 10 and the up/down keys by 1)

I copied and pasted the changes from the diff file noted above so hopefully I
have done this correctly - could you check on V2.9 for me please Helmut. The
other good news is that the modified code works fine in V2.8.16 (I made sure
that all 3 changes were executed by the script)

The revised version is at the same link as before:


Please let me know if there are any problems.

programmer_ceds (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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