Re: [Gimp-user] rotate layer

On 12/20/2016 09:26 AM, Wes James wrote:
I created a square layer on another larger square layer in gimp.  When I
try to rotate this square, it doesn't do anything.  I've googled "rotate
layer gimp", but none of the things they say to do works.  I'm trying to
create a checkerboard like pattern on a large square.  I was trying to
create one square and rotate it then I was going to copy that seven across
and then seven down. How can I rotate a layer?

I have to wonder exactly what you mean by "created a square layer on
another layer."  If you meant "above" another layer, all is well.

Layer > New Layer opens the dialog for creating a new layer.  Or do
Shift+Control+n on your keyboard, same thing.

To rotate a layer, do Layer > Transform and select the option you want.
There is also a Rotate tool in the main toolbox, that allows you to
adjust the center of rotation by dragging the crosshairs icon that
appears on the layer around (default is the center of the layer), and
rotate by click and drag on the layer or manually enter a value in

To make a 7x7 checkerboard pattern automagically, do Filters > Render >
Pattern > Checkerboard and set the size you want the squares to be.
Select a 7x7 patch of squares, then do Layer > Crop to selection.


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