[Gimp-user] Bug in "arrow" plugin, possible bug with tear-off menus

After 13+ years I let my subscription to gimp-user-list lapse due to 
excessive bounces (don't know why that was happening). I wasn't 
following it too much anymore. So of course a month later I have to do
some Gimping, run into problems, and need to re-subscribe. Teaches me
lesson. ;)

The "arrow.scm" plugin at http://registry.gimp.org/node/20269 doesn't 
work under 2.8.16 -- setting the stroke width has no effect (and it 
doesn't use the global brush width, either). I hacked up a fix: It
like gimp-context-set-brush-size is now required instead of or in 
addition to gimp-brush-set-radius. The script hasn't been touched
2009, and the last comment on the web page is 2013. What's the
for submitting a patch, or should I just keep a working copy for

Problem #2: Tear-off menus (2.8.16 again) don't work, at least in my 
environment (Linux, X11, FVWM window manager). For example, 
right-click-and-hold in an image window, move down to "Colors >", move
across to the submenu and down to "Invert" and release -- that works. 
But right-click-and-hold, move down to "Colors >", move across to the 
top "-----" line and release to create a tear-off menu. Then in that
"Colors" menu/window, click on "Invert" and nothing happens.
something does -- the message area in the lower right corner of the 
image window changes to say "Invert the colors", but the image doesn't
change.) Same (no)thing with menu items that should pop up a dialog 
window, like "Levels...". But doing a deeper submenu from the tear-off
menu, like "Map >" and then "Alien map..." from there does work.

I couldn't find this on Bugzilla. Can anyone else recreate it? I'm 
guessing it hasn't shown up because everyone's on Windows or some
Linux "desktop environment" and/or does the thing where you dock all
menus/windows/dialogs into the main image window (I don't know how to
that, nor why I'd want to).

Thanks for any suggestions. Also for keeping gimp-user-list alive.
there lots of posts about changing "File -> Save As..." back to allow 
saving to JPEG/PNG/etc in addition to XCF instead of having to use
-> Export" while I was gone? ;)

I have made a number of changes to this script over the years, the most recent,
in 2014, being to allow curved arrows. I added an entry to the registry with a
note to say that I couldn't upload the script but posted a link to it instead.
There were a number of other changes that I had made to the script before that
but I'm not sure whether or not they address the brush issue that you have.
perhaps you could try my version of the script. If necessary we could amalgamate
the changes to get a script that corrects a number of issues with the original
script, draws curved arrows and solves your problem.

I don't know of a site that hosts GIMP scripts whilst the registry is
unavailable but I am happy to replace the zip file on my site with an updated
one for the time being.

The latest version of the script:


The GIMP registry page for the version of the script that includes curved


programmer_ceds (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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