[Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

Or you could just remap the keyboard shortcuts.

I don't just want to remap the shortcuts. Because (1) sometimes I use the
shortcut and sometimes I use the menu item (and sometimes it's "Save as", not
just "Save") and (2) I can't save to XCF using the remapped "Export". And I
don't like pythonish save/export extensions, either, because I don't want a
separate command for "normal save".

What constructive actions can be applied? I think these are:

1) Just make a configuration setting for enabling/disabling the format
restriction for Save.

2) I think that even disabling the restriction on a permanent basis without
adding any settings also won't harm anyone. Those who like Export will be able
to still use Export, and those who dislike Export will be happy with normal

3) Make an online poll on some well-known site (so a sufficient amount of users
could vote) to understand real proportion between those who like and those who
dislike the save/export feature. Something like "What option is better?" with
the choices like: "Only one Save command", "Save + Export, without restricting
the Save formats", "Totally separated Save and Export (with Save being
XCF-only)", and "Don't care".

vitalif (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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