Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

Hi all,

I don't get it! This discussion is going on for months now, constantly spamming the mailing list. Still I don't see even the slightest willingness to compromise on either side. It seems you are carrying out a war with hardened fronts on the back of GIMP which will give neither side any sort of satisfaction.

It seems clear to me now, that this is a matter of principle: Some people like the separation of "save" and "export" functionalities, others don't. It seems unlikely to me, that you can convince either group that the other way round is the way to go. So why don't you just finally implement a setting to easily switch between the two possibilities and finally end this pointless war which only damages GIMP's reputation?

I hope, all of you finally get over this and start to find a solution instead of clashing swords to the end of days.


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