Re: [Gimp-user] Funding new features in gimp - what features wouldyou choose?

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013, at 02:02 PM, wietrzny wrote:
Dnia 17 grudnia 2013 3:50 akovia <akovia1 eml cc> napisaƂ(a):

As far as new features...
True path intersections (combine without overlaps)
Any implementation to select multiple path nodes. 
Option to merge paths to new path while leaving originals untouched.
(Modifier key)
Path transformations without having to use path to selection.
Rotatable guides.

Why ask for partial solutions instead of definite solution to problems
with paths? 

Dominik Tabisz

I'm not looking for complete inkscape path capabilities, but the
features I'd like to see are a little more realistic I think. Gimp is
awesome if you are only working with a few paths, but there are times I
need to render many text letters for example. I like to do them
individually so I can reuse same letters. I can end up with tons of
paths. (Add path groups to my wishlist.) So when I have all my paths,
I'll inevitably merge them together. Right now it'll discard your
original paths and create a new one. If you find a mistake later on or
just want to make some alignment changes, you have to do it all
manually. So I am left having to duplicate every single path, (sometimes
lots of scrolling is involved) and then merge the dupes. This really
slows production.

When you actually do merge paths or do a text to path with overlapping
paths, the selection is in exclusion mode So you can either manually
join the paths, (tedious) or never merge them and select each one
individually and "add to selection". (tedious and doesn't work with text
to path)
Maybe a merge dialog is in order. 
Leave originals: y/n
Merge Mode: Union/Exclusion etc..
At the very least, it should default to union and not exclusion.

When working with paths there needs to be a way to select multiple
nodes. This has been talked about before and really should be inside
gimp already and not considered a feature. Erasing nodes should not be
an exercise in carpel tunnel and eye strain.

Path transformations should default to only transforming the path and
not the path as it relates to the canvas. Right now you have to
path-to-selection first, and then you have the marching ants you have to
turn off is you want a fine sight adjustment. If you need to adjust it
more or differently, you have to redo path to selection again. It's just
too many steps to get into a flow. Swapping the behavior to default to
transforming the shape only, and select the canvas to transform the path
within the canvas size seems way more intuitive.

Lastly, I doubt I'll ever see rotating guides in gimp but it would be
fantastic. It looked like it might make it at one point, but it died.

I think of these things not so much as new features, since you can
already do these things in gimp manually, (minus guides) but as
improving the functionality that's already there. I realize that code is
code whether it's called a feature or not. I just would rather cut out
the tedium where possible. It would promote more creativity.


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