[Gimp-user] Funding new features in gimp - what features would you choose?

Hey, I am a gimp user and am working for a few days with this new crowd
funding platform where new features for Free and Open Source Software
can be funded one by one.

The first Gimp feature is ready to fund: it is a cool symmetry painting
tool, it would make a great addition to the software.

You can donate anything from €1 up here:
http://funding.openinitiative.com/funding/1578/ - also, you would get to
test the feature and feedback before your donation goes through :)

I hope to get some more features up there soon: which features would you
donate too if you could? What functions are really urgently needed in
GIMP? What creative stuff would you LOVE to do that isn't possible yet?
Let me know ;)



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