Re: [Gimp-user] Funding new features in gimp - what features would you choose?

On Mon, Dec 16, 2013, at 09:29 AM, Anna Morris wrote:
Hey, I am a gimp user and am working for a few days with this new crowd
funding platform where new features for Free and Open Source Software
can be funded one by one.

The first Gimp feature is ready to fund: it is a cool symmetry painting
tool, it would make a great addition to the software.

You can donate anything from €1 up here: - also, you would get to
test the feature and feedback before your donation goes through :)

I hope to get some more features up there soon: which features would you
donate too if you could? What functions are really urgently needed in
GIMP? What creative stuff would you LOVE to do that isn't possible yet?
Let me know ;)



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I would love to see more bug and functionality fixes than new tools
personally. Being more of an editor than a creator, I seem to use gimp
in a different way than the core team is aiming for, as is expressed by
the 2.10 Unified transformation tool. That doesn't mean I'm not looking
forward to trying it. I still use gimp almost every day for hours on
end, so core functionality is paramount.

My biggest request would be fixing the new cairo based path engine. I've
considered moving back to 2.6 many times as the new engine has many
and really slows me down from what I was used to. Also having the new on
canvas text options window follow the view when zooming and panning
instead of locked in place to the top left of the text. These come to
mind the most.

As far as new features...
True path intersections (combine without overlaps)
Any implementation to select multiple path nodes. 
Option to merge paths to new path while leaving originals untouched.
(Modifier key)
Path transformations without having to use path to selection.
Rotatable guides.
Drop layers on tab thumbs.
Tab ordering via Drag & Drop
Gui or folder based system to arrange scripts and plugins into the menu.
Layer styles
Remember all popup window positions (tools, scripts, etc..)
Built in resource manager that remembers brush tags
Scaling an image keeps text data. (Or at least a way to know what the
font was before text info discarded. (Append font name to layer-name?))
Dockable Script-Fu and Python-Fu consoles
many more..... :P

I would be thrilled to see any of these implemented, but honing what we
already have is even more important IMO. I realize a lot of these
features have been discussed in detail before and will never be
implemented, but this is a "Wish" list.

Regardless, I hope your endeavor takes off and encourages more of the
same. It would help development of gimp pick up pace substantially.
Thank you for taking the plunge.


-- - Same, same, but different...

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