Re: [Gimp-user] Funding new features in gimp - what feature s wouldyou choose?

Dnia 17 grudnia 2013 3:50 akovia <akovia1 eml cc> napisaƂ(a):

As far as new features...
True path intersections (combine without overlaps)
Any implementation to select multiple path nodes. 
Option to merge paths to new path while leaving originals untouched.
(Modifier key)
Path transformations without having to use path to selection.
Rotatable guides.

Why ask for partial solutions instead of definite solution to problems with paths? Maybe this would satisfy 
Your needs:

Some time ago there was something like Gimp in pictures - i don't remember exact name nor addres of the site. 
It was display of drawings presenting new ideas for Gimp.
One of such idea was to add one functionality to paths: edit in Inkscape.

There are some limitations what can be done with paths in xcf fileformat, but still something like this would 
improved path handling in Gimp. Just merge paths card with Inkscape.

This can be done in a different way too:
Add one more card to tools menu / tools window. On this new card i'd expect everything to do with paths 
(everything what can be ported from Inkscape). Both projects are GPL licensed so there is no reason why whole 
menu layout, design and functions cannot be "borrowed" from Inkscape. Just instead of opening one "path tool" 
user would press this icon and switch to path menu (with everything from drawng to free transformation). 
Again it would require just one icon to switch back into "raster menu".

At the moment path handling in Gimp is like "Adobe-style" tortures. This could be redesigned for more 
comfortable and effective workflow. Such redesign would both help with current workflow and also open new, 
unprecedented ways to design and manipulate images. 

Of course xcf and svg handle paths in slightly different ways. I couldn't find path color attributes in any 
overview of xcf, but ideas like nodes, layers, shapes... can be used in both ways of thinking. So why don't 
use ideas of similar transformations?

Dominik Tabisz

P.S. I don't understand how this crowd gathered money would make Gimp developers code changes to Gimp. Are we 
going to hire someone to code this changes for us, or it will be kind of prize for supplying Gimp fork, that 
work as we want? Otherwise it would be nice to hear from developers, that feature we desire is "available". 

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