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Am 04.12.2013 14:28, schrieb Simon Budig: 

Brendan Scott
(disposableemail apps opensourcelaw biz) wrote:

What I have also
said is that if the purpose of the distinction is to preserve work, it
didn't serve that function for me. That suggests to me that the UI "may
need more thought". You ought to ask your question of someone else.

To me it is entirely unclear, what in your workflow differenciates a

"good" warning dialog from a "bad" warning dialog.

Without a hint
from you we're 100% in the "Do-What-I-Mean-Button"
ballpark which is
not really helping with the "more thought" we might

gathered from your mail, that you lost work because the save/export

distinction conditioned you into clicking the warning away. So, if you

don't want us to remove the warning, what are our options?



Based on the various mails on this topic (including "I hate this,
give me back my 2.6!") , I'd suggest this

kind of closing-dialog. The stark contrast between the buttons and
the subdued text gives an easy-to-grasp overview on which images have
been saved/exported and the button allows the user to directly take the
necessary actions.
It could be argued whether the first example should
be included considering the product vision; my suggestion would be only
when "export to"/"overwrite" is populated. 

Of course this is up for
debate, but you wanted a step out of the ballpark and here it is. In
case anyone wants to edit the design, here

is the corresponding xcf. 

--> A similar idea (including only the
save-button so that one wouldn't have to go through the images one by
one) has popped up before. Unfortunately I couldn't find the original
mail in the archives, else I'd be happy to give credit where it's due.

Tobias Lunte // Tobl 


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