[Gimp-user] Save v Export behaviour

I hadn't wanted to comment on the earlier threads bc they were too heated.
Initially my work was with .xcfs natively, so this wasn't an issue for me. More recently though I've had to do a lot of spot edits on jpgs and pngs. I would welcome a "responsible adult" mode which didn't bug me about saving the file as xcf.

This _even though_ I lost edits last week on a batch of files because I forgot jpgs don't support 
transparency.  Ironically I ignored the save as xcf warnings in that case. More useful I think would be a 
dialog which identified for what I was about to lose (transparency, layers or whatever) in the target format, 
and then accepted my decision (and cleaned whatever dirty flag is set on edits) if I clicked ok.  Harder to 
implement though I imagine.

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