Re: [Gimp-user] Save v Export behaviour

is to save a document in the format it was opened in
So, how do you save to .NEF you have imported from RawTherapee ?

Of course there may be import-only formats such as NEF. But if the program can
write the format it imported and this format is principly able to preserve the
essential information, this is what Windows programs, especially Microsoft
programs, do: If you open a CSV with Excel and than try to save it, Excel will
save it to CSV by default, but warn you that information might get lost. If you
open a DOC file with Word, it is saved as DOC and not as DOCX.

PDF is essentially a graphics format, thus Microsoft considers it probably
essentially different from a word processor file. This is why it behaves
differently in that situation.

or possibly suggest you to convert it to a more suitable one,
.xcf ?


But even under Windows, nobody would expect that a dedicted export
routine would clean the dirty flag.

So saving to .jpg in any other program would maintain layers !

I don't see this contradiction. As I said, a dedictated export routine, like
exporting a Word processor file as an PDF would not clean the dirty flag. The
program would suggest to save your work in its own data format.

As you can take from the CSV / XLS example, the program can warn you if certain
features cannot be preserved when saving in the input data format.


I've just checked the "Windows 8 User experience guidelines", but they don't
seemed to settle this very matter.

Anyway -- no reason to get so excited.

Wolfgang Hugemann

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