Re: [Gimp-user] About bad new save export function in Gimp-2.8

maderios schreef op di 11-09-2012 om 08:52 [+0200]:

1. This change doesn't remove functionality. It only moves it.
The problem is that gimp arbitrarily separates the types of files: .xcf 
and others. This does not happen like this in the work. We work 
indifferently on all file types.

Maybe _you_ do, but I (and at least some other users) make a clear
distinction between XCF, which stores the image and my manipulations on
it (layers, masks, selections), making it possible to change some
operations afterwards (if for example some details are lost in a certain
printing process or if I just change my mind about how the image has to
look in a series or ...) and standard image formats (which only store
the results of these operations).

This behaviour is exactly the same as your wordprocessor refusing to
save to PDF. PDF (like standard image types) is absolutely perfect for
distribution, but I suppose you too don't save longer texts to PDF while
working on them? I agree that for some small documents that I just want
to archive, I remove the original word processor file afterwards, and I
do that for some XCF files too. 

It's a little overhead for small changes to an image, but a real
improvement for the images you are really working on. I know that in
previous versions it was possible to use the "Save a copy" function
(which I used), but the new behaviour makes it impossible to make a
mistake while saving (making you lose all operations without warning
you). So from now on, I can concentrate on the image, without worrying
about saving "the right way".

If you are really really annoyed by this behaviour, use 2.6, start a
fork, ask/pay someone to start a fork for you, use another image
editor, ..., but please stop spamming this otherwise very useful mailing
list. Everybody knows you and some other users don't like it, everybody
knows some users (including me) do like it and the developers clearly
explained the research and the reasons for this decision.

Best regards,


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