[Gimp-user] Sticky state of windows in Gimp 2.8

I have recently upgraded to Fedora 17 and now have Gimp 2.8 as a consequence.

As a user of Gnu/Linux I am used to using multiple workspaces, a separate
workspace for each job in hand but have found that the behaviour of Gimp 2.8 is
not to my liking. With Gimp set up in workspace 6 (say) the Gimp dialogs for
layers, tools, tool options etc. appear in my other 5 workspaces cluttering them
up. I have found no way to remove the "sticky state" of these little windows. I
have no problem handling the sticky state with windows of any other application
and I have had no problem with previous versions of Gimp.

Please help me find a way to remove the sticky state from these windows.

nitram2001 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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