[Gimp-user] Sticky state of windows in Gimp 2.8

Thank you Dominik and Sven,

To answer your questions: I use XFCE as my desktop manager and have done so for
many years. I have had limited experience with KDE and the old Gnome. At present
I have only GNOME(3) and XFCE on my machines.

Using XFCE I can change the sticky state of any window by clicking in the tiny
circle at the far left of the titlebar or by typing <alt>f6. this works for any
window, including the Gimp main window, but does not work on the
Layers/Channels/Paths, Toolkit or tool options windows.

I changed desktop this evening to GNOME and was not able to even find a way to
get multiple workspaces. Since (at present) I cannot get multiple workspaces
using GNOME I cannot try "sticky state". I could go into the GNOME manuals to
find out about multiple workspaces but I think that would be a waste of time and
not solve my problem of the super-sticky windows.

This small exercise reinforced my impression that GNOME3 is built for iphone
users not for people who want to really use their computers as computers. GNOME
has really screwed up.

Anyway, that's how it stands. Since every other window, apart from those
mentioned, works as ordered I am sure that it's a Gimp problem (maybe on
purpose). I have tried the Gimp help but cannot find any reference to sticky
windows or multiple workspaces. I just hope that someone can guide me to a
solution. Gimp communicates well with my window manager in the case of the main
window, just not with those other three windows.

nitram2001 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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