Re: [Gimp-user] Sticky state of windows in Gimp 2.8


it might be issue related to comunication between GIMP and Your window
manager. Which one do You use? KDE, GNOME, LXDE, Fluxbox or something

Please give us some more info:
1) Which window manager do You use
2) Which display manager do You use (gdm/kdm/xdm or other)

3) Have You tried to use GIMP in *any* other window manager. If yes,
whether the problem still exist in other Wm.

2012/11/17, nitram2001 <forums gimpusers com>:
I have recently upgraded to Fedora 17 and now have Gimp 2.8 as a

As a user of Gnu/Linux I am used to using multiple workspaces, a separate
workspace for each job in hand but have found that the behaviour of Gimp 2.8
not to my liking. With Gimp set up in workspace 6 (say) the Gimp dialogs
layers, tools, tool options etc. appear in my other 5 workspaces cluttering
up. I have found no way to remove the "sticky state" of these little
windows. I
have no problem handling the sticky state with windows of any other
and I have had no problem with previous versions of Gimp.

Please help me find a way to remove the sticky state from these windows.

nitram2001 (via
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gimp-user-list gnome org

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