Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

In 05/2012 a lot of people wrote:

Wait, the Save dialog changed?  OH NOES!!

My position can be guessed from the workflow I have followed since
somewhere the first ports of the GIMP to Win32 (Tor Lillqvist ruined
me for life):

1.  Open an image file.
2.  Save as .xcf
3.  [everything else]
4.  Do Control-s
5.  Export as target image format.

There are two reasons to save as XCF, both have been mentioned in
this thread:  To save all the "state" of the image in progress so
you can pick up where you left off and make more changes if/as
required later, and to avoid cumulative compression artifacts.

The cost of doing it this way, is that you have to do a couple more
commands per image worked on, and you end up with an additional file
at the end of it all.

I can see this as a potential annoyance to people who routinely do a
few simple, repetitive operations on a large number of images that
will always and only be saved once and never edited again.  The
extra step of exporting to save could add up to a small but
noticeable increase in time to complete a large number of edits.
My crystal ball tells me, "Watch the plugin registry for a drop in
solution to instant easy export."

Also, for those who need to do the same operations repeatedly to a
large number of images, a suggestion:  Look into imagemagick.  It
might be possible to fully automate all or a large part of that work.



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