Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

Thanks for asking, Alexandre!
1) Currently I'm using GIMP mostly (95% of the time) for photo retouching. The rest is mostly image adjustment for scientific visualization and for presentations. More complex works that need multilayer etc.: only 2 last year. 2) Photo: I always start from RAW format and use UFraw from GIMP as first step. So no need to save intermediate steps (RAW images are already big enough!). For the other images, never touch the original, but the steps are usually quite simple to redo.
3) Massive changes: I use ImageMagick
4) Why GIMP? I'm using it since 2000 if I recall correctly, so I'm used to it. It has invaluable set of plugins I can load and experiment with. It (plus ImageMagick) covers all my needs. 5) Why not another tool? I'm on Windows, so cannot use nice Linux tools (In my work I tend to use only tools that runs on all platforms). Tried various other tools but found they limited. Almost all are at the level of MS Paint, and now I'm too lazy to explore again. 6) I'm using GIMP in the wrong way? Maybe. But for more than ten years it has helped me immensely. Also, at least for me, it is important to reduce the number of tools to know. More or less this is my list in the image processing area: GIMP for raster, InkScape for vector, AVIdemux for movies, mencoder for all encoding. 7) Maybe could help everyone to collect a list of tools "more correct" for tasks for which people is currently using GIMP. For example I love to find something like darkroom for Windows. 8) For now I will stay with GIMP 2.6.12 Cleaning all these unwanted .xcf from C:\Photo is really too much for me.

Hope to have answered your questions Alexandre. And hope more people will answer your call instead of fighting.

And BTW: thanks for your work with GIMP!

On 04-May-12 07:52, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 11:11 PM, Maurice wrote:
On Thursday 03 May 2012 14:48:47 Steve Kinney wrote:

Look into imagemagick.  It
might be possible to fully automate all or a large part of that work.

  I already use Imagemagick's 'Convert' as the 1st part of my task, the
2nd part of which needs Gimp.

The problem I see in this thread is that few people tell us exactly
what they do and then complain that we don't do the right thing for

How can we possibly analyze the issues they are having? We can't.

We don't know exactly what you do ing GIMP during those unsafe workflows.
We don't know if the sequence of actions you do can only be performed in GIMP.
We don't know if your choice of GIMP as a tool is justified by logic,
habit or accident.
We don't know if you need this unsafe workflow all the time or half the time.

Folks, you can tell us that, and then we can have a constructive
discussion. Or you can keep telling us how we ignore you.

We've heard all sorts of curious accusations, but it's raw facts that
we are interested in. We are listening.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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